Definition Scope of Importance of Medical statistics

Father of Statistics: Sir Ronald A Fisher

Etymology :-

“German word – Statistik

Analysis of data about the state.


1. Analysis of data about the state

2. Science of state.

3. Political arithmetic.

The word Statistic derived from the German word Statistik which means of Analysis of data about the state or science of state or political Arithmetic.


Statistic = Science of figures.

The collection, presentation,analysis,interpretation of numerical data is statistic.

When tools of statistics are applied to numerical data that is derived from biological Sciences such as Medicine then it is called as bio- statistics or Medical Statistics.

Scope of Statistics:-

1.For the scope progress of upliftment of Ayurveda Various research work are covered out where in Number of Statistical tests are applied

2.The research work are a longed with Statistics will ultimately help in widest acceptance of Globalization of Ayurveda

3.Medical Science demands precision which can be achieved by Statistics.

4.Statistics has Scope is giving Accuracy in the field of Diagnosis, prognosis of Treatment of disease- It is essentially help in the development of new drug line of treatment for particular disease

5.For the examination of Verification of fundamentals i.e. Basic principles of Ayurveda


In Anatomy & Physiology

To define what is normal or healthy in population I to find the limit of normality in Variable such as Height, Weight, BP. Pulse Rate, etc.

To find co-relation between two Variable Such as Height of weight of weight 62 or BMI.

Sharir Rachna and Sharir kriya


च.शा. 7

सु.शा. 5

पेशी -500

मर्म- 107

In Pharmacology:

To find action of drug whether it is Statistically Significant or not.

To Compare the action of two drugs or 2 Successive doses of same drug.

In Dravyagun of Rasa Shastra :-

Drugs Related to Dravyagun of Rasa-Shastra are Statistically tested to prove their safety of efficacy. such documentation will ultimately help in wider acceptance & Globalization of Ayurveda.”

In Medicine:

To find the Safety of efficacy of drug or therapy or an operative procedure for a particular disease.

To find association between two attributes such as Smoking and Cancer. Alcohol & Gastric ulcers, Obesity and diabetes…. etc..

In Nidan and kayachikitsa :-

Cause & effect relationship can be Statistically establish by finding an Association between such as hetu and vyadhi

To find the importance of Panchakarma in complete eradication of disease

In Community Medicine & public Health :-

To test the usefulness of Sera & Vaccine.

In epidemiological studies the sole of Causative factor is statistically tested such as iodine deficiency in Goitre. Vit ‘A’ deficiency in Night blindness.

Success date of Various measures adopted in Public health are Statistically evaluated.

In स्वस्थवृत्त :-

To find the action of “Pranayama’ in reducing Respiratory disorder such as Asthma. Bp.

To find the relative potency of Varies Asanas in Reducing Obesity of diabetes

In shriroga

usefulness of Various drug & Measure mentioned in Ayurvedic texts 80° improving fertility enhance Can be Statistically studied.

Statistic can also be applied on various oral of other Contraceptive to prove their Safety & efficacy.

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